Revo Rideshare

has launched in West Palm Beach & Jupiter FL, New Orleans, and will be in other cities nationwide soon!

Learn More About Revo Rideshare!

Learn How Crypto Is Being Utilized With Revo!

Start Driving and Gain Experience!

So, you want to drive with REVO RIDESHARE.
As we ramp up, doesn’t it make sense to get some experience from those other platforms?
Not for a moment am I encouraging anyone to drive for others as a career but to gain knowledge and of what to expect as a driver!
Anyone who accepts this challenge will be personally coached by Rodney Bush who has completed thousands of rides nearing 10,000.
Learn from him the do’s and don’ts. Learn how he runs two driver apps at the same time! 
Register at the links provided and write Rodney at and tell him you registered so he can line up a one on one call with you to assist you to get started in any of the platforms.

The Future of Ridesharing is now!

Revo Rides, a revolutionary force in the ridesharing industry, is transforming the traditional model by placing driver compensation at the forefront. Drivers with Revo Rides receive the entire fare, including mileage, tips, wait time, and any other driver-related fees, with just a nominal one-dollar deduction. This innovative approach ensures that drivers are not only fairly compensated but also incentivized to provide excellent service. Riders, in turn, benefit from competitive and transparent pricing, making Revo Rides an appealing choice for cost-conscious and quality-seeking commuters. The company’s commitment to empowering drivers while offering riders affordability and reliability cements Revo Rides as a game-changer in the evolving landscape of ridesharing. Explore the Founder’s Program below to discover more about the driving force behind this transformative platform.

Learn About WIN Nodes

Node operators have the opportunity to earn rewards in two ways: WIN Digital Rewards and USDC/USDT Direct Rewards. WIN Digital Rewards are distributed to active Win node owners participating in the Win Blockchain, while Direct Rewards are earned through node sales and friend referrals.

WIN Digital Rewards

  • Distribution: WIN tokens are distributed directly to the node operator’s non-custodial wallet from the Win Blockchain.
  • Eligibility: All active Win node operators receive a share of the daily WIN distribution.
  • Tracking: Node operators can view their daily WIN rewards in their Connect account’s BlockBot Report under Rewards History.

Direct Rewards

  • Distribution: Earned through node sales and friend referrals, paid in USDC or USDT.
  • Qualifications: Different node statuses (Droid, BlockBot, BlockBot Node) require specific actions and sales to qualify.
  • Withdrawal: Direct Rewards must be requested within 60 days of availability, or they will be distributed as Node Support Rewards.

Win Node Qualifications

  1. Droid: Own and operate one Win Smart Node for Transaction and Confirmation rewards.
  2. BlockBot: Own and operate one Win Smart Node + sell five Win Smart Nodes for additional BlockBot Rewards.
  3. BlockBot Node: Achieve BlockBot status + help five direct friends sell 5 Win Smart Nodes each (or personally sell 1000 Win Nodes) for more rewards.

Direct Rewards Based on Win Node Qualifications

  1. Transaction Rewards: 10% for validating transactions on the Blockchain.
  2. Confirmation Rewards: 10% for confirming sales of connected nodes.
  3. BlockBot Rewards: 20% for the fifth Win Node validation and subsequent transactions.
  4. BlockBot Node Rewards: An additional 5% reward on every transaction within the Friendchain.

Node Operator Rewards

  • Distribution: 10% of the Win Blockchain revenue is evenly distributed to BlockBot-qualified Win Nodes.
  • Withdrawal: Available for withdrawal 20 days after the sale transaction is complete.

Complete Win Score Rewards

  • Distribution: 10% of Win Blockchain revenue distributed based on the Complete Win Score ranking.

Connect United Disclaimer

  • Win nodes and the Win Blockchain are governed by a Distributed Governance Framework.
  • The value derived from Win nodes and WIN Digital Rewards may be uncorrelated with Connect’s success.
  • Connect does not sell tokens or digital rewards; the Win Blockchain self-governs their distribution.
  • WIN Digital Rewards are designed for utility in the Connect marketplace, not as an investment product.

For further details and examples, users can refer to the Connect and WIN Blockchain Presentation in the Marketing Tools section of their Connect Dashboard.